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The Woman Behind OLO-fusion

My name is Geneviève Guindon, I am a CPA, CMA and entrepreneur.

Before starting OLO-fusion, I held various professional positions in accounting for almost 10 years. These jobs have led me to create new tools for senior management: dashboards, performance charts, cash flow statements… In short, I have developed expertise in presenting figures so that key information can be read quickly and effectively.

I also worked for 2 years as a teaching intern at HEC Montreal. My task was to write educational material for university level students and teachers. As part of this job, I received a first honorary award for co-authoring a case (co-authored with Mr. Louis-Jacques Filion, then professor and holder of the Rogers-J. -A. -Bombardier Chair in Entrepreneurship at HEC Montréal). The same case was analyzed for the Entrepreneurship event, as part of the university and pan-Canadian contest of Commerce Games. In addition, it was selected to represent Canada in the book: Female Entrepreneurship and the New Venture Creation: An International Overview, by Dr. Dafna Kariv, published in 2013.

I’m good with numbers and I’m very interested in pedagogy, even more so since I’m a mom x 3. One of my aunts was a resource teacher and regularly visited my grandmother who lived above my home. Throughout my childhood, this extraordinary aunt made me work with different teaching tools that she developed for the students at her school. In the early 1970s, she was a pioneer in this discipline! She showed me that you can learn more in a fun way, which I always keep in mind when I develop my own tools.

And it’s in 2017 that something clicked! I was looking for a learning tool to tell time kit for my children, but without success! I noticed that the products offered were often incomplete, unattractive and, above all, not adaptable to my children’s routines. The ultimate goal of knowing how to tell time is to be able to manage our own schedule!

It is from this observation that I developed the OLO-fusion product line, which aims to fill these gaps and help children learn to read time and make them more independent in their routine.

OLO-fusion: OLO, eyes that look and discover. Fusion, since the products combine pedagogy, pleasure and aesthetics.

In short, OLO-fusion, through its brand ClockTime+, offers colourful and effective products that make it easier to learn the time and help children take a big step towards independence.