April 28th 2020 – La Parfaite maman imparfaite

Sur sa page Facebook, La parfaite maman imparfaite fait tirer une trousse La Futée.

For more details or to get it: https://olofusion.com

What time is it? Probably one of the questions we ask most often in a day! Because I know that it is not always learning to read the time on a dial clock, I had to share with you the crush that I had for the clock OLOfusion.com? , a clock designed by a local company.

It is so well thought out and it makes reading the time so much easier thanks to these different visual cues. With this clock, it is much easier to “decipher” the minutes of the hours, the different quarter-hours and the hours with the least (for example 5 a quarter hours!).

You can get the clock alone or with a kit (for parents or teachers) which includes many other tools to facilitate learning the time while having fun!