April 29th 2020 – Ma vie de maman prof

29 avril 2020 – Ma vie de maman prof

On her Instagram page, Ma vie de maman prof took this great photo of her daughter and explains to us how the OLO-fusion clock can improve the learning of time in children!

As a teacher, I already know that learning to tell the time is a big challenge for children. It’s a very abstract notion and it takes a lot of practice to get to understand the principle!
When Geneviève de @olofusion offered me a collaboration, I learned about the product and I loved the concept!
The clocks are easy to understand for children, even for my 3-year-old casserole! The drawings are easy to recognize for her and it’s a fun way to learn to tell the time!
In addition, the kit comes with two small clocks to practice the time with children, materials that we use it regularly in class! Super convenient to have at home!