April 6th 2020 – Un autre blog de maman

6 avril 2020 – Un autre blog de maman

Un autre blog de maman raffled off a La Futée kit to her subscribers on her Facebook page and on her Instagram page. Here is the beautiful text that this teacher wrote to present our product in this contest :

Presented by Un autre blogue de maman, here is a directory of colorful articles and favorites, made by local people: The most beautiful rainbow products in the same place!

Learning to read the time on a clock was one of the things my little girl had to do in school and homework. I was fortunate to receive the @olofusion clock shortly after the confinement began to mark our movement # çavabienaller on Un Autre Blog de Maman… And let me tell you that love it!

Not only is it ultra beautiful and colorful, but it displays ALL the minutes to the child so that he gradually becomes familiar with these equivalences in steps of 5 (two-level dial) … And then, each clock comes with a methodology, a sticker, three pencils and a game … Learning the time is also learning the basics of multiplication and also … fractions! In short, I recommend it to all the little chicks at home! It’s really worth the effort!

OLO-fusion is not just simple clocks with attractive colors and patterns… They are real educational, fun and aesthetic tools that optimize the learning of analog time. They are aimed as much at parents as at teachers and other school staff. Does your child present challenges in terms of learning? Olo-fusion has planned it!