What about mathematical performance?

Each of us knows someone who has difficulty reading the time on an analog clock. Learning to read on a…

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Why read the analog time?

Children are often told, “You have to be ready in 15 minutes”… but what is 15 minutes? It’s abstract for…

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The methodology of learning the time

Learning the time on an analog clock is considered one of the hard subjects for elementary school children to integrate1….

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Colors to the rescue

The OLOfusion learning method is effective as it allows children to answer this simple question: what time will it be…

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Learning the time: difficulties encountered

Here are the 2 main difficulties identified by researchers1 who have addressed the issue of children learning to tell time:…

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Tips and tools for learning at home

Learning to read the time is a complex subject for a child. First, learning to read the time and master…

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