Who is behind OLOfusion?

Geneviève Guindon, CPA, CMA, first completed a bachelor’s degree in Agri-Food Economics and Management, at Laval University. She then went back to school to obtain her CPA designation. During her study Geneviève worked as a teaching intern: this mandate allowed her to win a first prize at the FLIPE competition of HEC Montréal.

This same case, co-written with Mr. Louis-Jacques Filion, was analyzed for the Entrepreneurship event, as part of Jeux du Commerce, a the university and pan-Canadian business competition. This case was also selected to represent Canada in the book: Female Entrepreneurship and the New Venture Creation: An International Overview, by Dre. Dafna Kariv, published in 2013.

After the end of her studies, from 2007 to 2017, Geneviève held professional accounting positions in the banking industry, which allowed her to develop her management skills. She developed numerous dashboard-type tools so that senior managers could understand at a glance the financial results of investment funds, totalling several billion dollars.

Geneviève is now a mother of 3 school-age children. A little over 4 years ago, she chose to stay at home with her children. That’s when she really became aware that her 2 daughters were having difficulty learning math. Dad’s an engineer, mom’s an accountant, how is that possible? And the question that followed: How can we help them? It was while searching for tools for her own children that Geneviève understood the lack of resources available for learning to tell time. After all, a clock is foremost numbers in a simplified dashboard!

Geneviève also participated in the Défi Montréal numérique entrepreneurship incubator in November 2020. She is a member of EDTEQ (association of Quebec companies offering edutainment applications, such as Allo-Prof) and is part of the finance committee of this association. She is also a member of the organization Synergie Montréal, with the goal of participating in the circular economy, and she has started a master’s degree in Educational Technology at Laval University.

Finally, she is not alone in this business project. Geneviève is supported by a strong consulting team!

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