Pro OLO membership

Pro OLO membership

Learning to tell time, while having fun, is possible!

Did you know that.

1) 20% of young people will live with learning difficulties in math;

2) being able to manage time is one of the 5 factors of social integration;

3) The analog clock is a marker for early identification of mathematical difficulties in young people.

However, few adapted tools are available on the market to help you help young people in this complex learning process…

This is why OLOfusion has created them for you!

All of the tools offered in the Pro OLO subscription are designed to facilitate the learning of time and to allow the consolidation of mathematical knowledge: fractions, equations, leaps of 5, problem solving, etc.

Time management is also integrated by the young people, allowing them to develop their autonomy in managing their schedule and thus better manage their stress.

OLOfusion contributes to your confidence in learning about time. To allow you, once again, to make a difference in the lives of children! <

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At OLOfusion, we believe that if the teacher has the proper tools to explain the concept of the analog clock in class, only children with real learning difficulties will not integrate this concept, making it easier to identify them and give them the extra support they need to succeed in math.

The tools offered by Pro OLO are based on motivation through play, whether it is through a workshop, a fun game or the mobile application, the youngster will learn with fun!



Inclusive exercises

Inclusive exercises

Our tools and exercises are designed so that each student can learn at their own pace.

Dynamic community

Dynamic community

Teaching specialists will have access to a private exchange forum to share their success stories and add value to the membership.

Tools for you

Tools for you

The platform will include short and explanatory films that will introduce the basic notions and thus help the teacher to enter the subject.

What the annual membership includes :

What the annual membership includes :

Your annual subscription to Pro OLO, will give you access to a host of downloadable tools, some of which you can use on your computer, tablet or cell phone :

  • Printable dials
  • Wallpaper: The Wise clock
  • Playful methodology
  • Activity sheet
  • Game on routine
  • Workshops by level, to come
  • Exercises by level, to come
  • Also other tools to come
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$ 19 + taxes


Less overload for the work memory.

My daughter is visually dyspraxic and is in 5th grade. Finally! Last night! She was able to tell the time! What really helped and is different from other clocks is the hour section that allows you to follow the time hand before it reaches the next hour. It no longer gets the time wrong. She even said to me in a tone of surprise: Mom! I can even tell you the seconds now!



specialised teacher

Thank you so much!

I wanted to let you know that your Smart Clock is helping my students learn the time so much. Usually this topic is hard and time consuming, but this year it was made so much easier with the clock and learning dials!



elementary school teacher

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