The Wise

55,00 $

14 inches diameter aluminum clock



The Wise is our best seller and for good reason: it is the simplest, clearest and most effective clock to read, no matter where a child is in his or her time learning process. OLOfusion’s flagship product, The Wise is a time learning clock that is featured in our mobile application as well as in all our learning exercises.

The 60 minutes of the hour are found around the edge of the clock and 3 hands are in different colors.

Simplified learning methodology: first name the red number on which the red needle points.

Then name the blue number on which the blue needle points.

  • 14 inches diameter aluminum clock
  • Silent quartz mechanism
  • Clock body in rigid plastic
  • Open surface, avoiding refletion of ambient light and more ecological!
  • Operates using an AA battery not included
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