May 1st- Claudine Gagnon

1er mai 2020 – Claudine Gagnon, spécialiste en petite enfance

In this text, Madame Gagnon explains how the kit La Délicieusecan be useful for toddlers:

The puzzle of learning the time solved with OLO-Fusion

Do you remember how you learned the time? For me it’s vague. I remember the “who sets the time fastest on a clock” contest, but the whole process of getting there is a bit vague.

I remember having counted time for a long time in Passe-Partout ( For those who have not opened their TV since 1977, Passe-Partout is a television series aimed at 3 to 5 year olds which was broadcast from 1977 to 1993 and which came back on the air in 2019 with new actors. It lasts 30 minutes, for the purposes of the explanation in progress !!) That is to say, when there was an hour left, my sister said to me: “We are going to leave in two Passe-partout” and I went to VHS to put two Passe-Partout on TV. …