May 2019, Result following the break-in of 3 weeks in 11 classes of 4 School Boards

«10 teachers out of 11 consider that OLO-fusion products help to facilitate the teaching and learning of the hour, compared to the tools that are currently used in the classroom».

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April 2020, Julie Blais, Facebook

We love our OLO clock, Antoine finally waits before waking us up in the morning 🙂

Novembre 2019, Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board   

Following a trial period in class with the La Futée model, here is the account of 3 teachers of 1st grade, namely Ms Marie-Ève, Ms Chantale and Ms Catherine :  

« The clock model was greatly appreciated by the students. The 7.5 inch dial is adequate for working the time. This is the model that all students should have to handle. The methodology is very clear and detailed. Students’ comments: they found the clock model is super nice, they appreciated the colors and the hands. So, great success with the students! We recommend ClockTime+ products! »

November 2019, Amy, mother of William 8 years old, Montréal

« I really like the Futée clock because it is colorful, pretty and informative. The erasable sticker is convenient to use. The small hand dial captures my son’s attention and motivates him to learn because he likes to turn needles. Finally, the time learning methodology is very interactive and the images allow a better understanding of the concepts seen in the text. »