The 8 BIG + of OLO-fusion

The 14-inch wall clock is sturdy, beautiful and quiet! Its colours attract children who are strongly intrigued by the green seconds hand that moves before them.

+ The clock pattern repeats itself in all the tools included in a kit. This feature allows oneself to familiarize more efficiently with the tools.

+ Each hand of the clock has its own colour: red for the hours and blue for the minutes. These colours are repeated in every tool! Colour coding facilitates integration of concepts.

+ Learning methodology is simple, fun and effective.

+ The game included in the kit allows to link time with the child’s routine. Learning with fun is always a win-win situation!

+ The learning dial is a great tool! Stimulates the sense of touch. Allows to widen exercise possibilities.

+The sticker could be adapted to the child or the class routine. Integrating the learning of the time into one’s own routine is fundamental.

+ The OLO-fusion products were tested for 3 weeks in the classroom by 11 teachers: “10 out of 11 teachers consider that OLO-fusion products help to make teaching and learning easier than the tools currently used in the classroom.”